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Japan is proud of its gold decoration and mother-of-pearl inlays.

The graphic design was printed and produced by crossing Japanese traditions.


Japanese traditional craftsmanship is a treasure of which Japan is proud, and is recognized around the world.

Kinsai, one of the traditional crafts, is used in today's Kyo-yuzen to enhance designs and colors, and to decorate beautifully and gorgeously.

Various techniques of kinsai processing, such as pressed foil, mud gilding, and printing foil, are used for different purposes.

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A "traditional craftsman" is a person who has inherited traditional skills cultivated over a long period of time and continues to study and improve them.

This title is given only to craftsmen who have been recognized for their skills and knowledge in the Japanese traditional craft industry. Only 7% of craftsmen in the traditional crafts industry are certified as "traditional craftsmen.

Traditional crafts require at least 12 years of experience, as they are based on traditional techniques and require many years to master.


Because we live in an age where digital technology is the mainstream, we wanted to create new possibilities by combining digital and analog with the tradition of handwork that has been handed down over generations.


This was also a collaboration with Miyake's years as a craftsman.


And I feel that the kick-start of this sensation was born when I came into contact with the streets of France.


Work of art

It is created by pressing Japanese paper printed with graphics between sheets of glass.


The technique of decorative plates is applied to create a plate that can also be used for practical purposes.


The addition of handwork to the production process results in a work of art that is never the same.


Washi is Japan - Mino Washi from Gifu

Traditional techniques of Kyoto are used for the main body of the dish.

Not only does it add color to the table on special occasions, it also

It can also be used as a gift for special occasions or as a decorative plate as one of the objets d'art.


Large / 27.5cm

Medium / 21.7cm

Small / 15.0cm

For inquiries about production, etc., please contact us.


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