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Work of art

What kind of work would be created by adding graphic design to the Japanese umbrella, one of Japan's traditional crafts?

This curiosity was the starting point for this series of works.


Bamboo and Japanese paper (Japanese paper),

the Japanese paper is coated with oil, which allows it to be used as both a parasol for sun and rain protection.

I respect this idea.

And the entire process is handmade.

Washi paper and intricate graphic design also go hand in hand.

It transforms a design created on a flat surface into a new impression as a three-dimensional object.

The WA-GASA series is completed in collaboration with craftsmen and women who are the pride of Gifu Prefecture in Japan.

They are naturally the best at making umbrellas, and their printing work on Washi paper promises to be the best as well.

It also takes approximately two months to complete.

And because we use natural materials such as bamboo

each piece is unique.

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To continue and keep continuing


Whenever I pursue the design of Wagasa, I am amazed at the ideas of our predecessors.


Nowadays, we have a full range of technology and materials, and above all, the majority of objects are designed for mass production.

Wagasa, which is used as a crafted art object, was also a daily necessity created by the wisdom of our ancestors.

As someone who usually makes full use of technology in design, photography, video, and production, I was deeply moved by this collaboration.

I also respect the craftsmen who have kept and passed on their manufacturing methods for over 100 years.


I have lived my whole life in the entertainment world. My job is to create the unreal.

This time, I have created a work of art out of an everyday object. I was able to create a new idea.

This is an asset, and I would like to use this idea for various creations.

Traveling - WA-GASA

A record of the places visited and the people met.

Introduction page of the exhibitions in which we participated

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