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The exhibition event, titled "ROARING INTO THE FUTURE,"
took place at the McLaren Showroom in Kuala Lumpur.

In an electrifying collaboration with McLaren, Jaee Tee and Mitsuhiro Higuchi breathe exhilarating new life into the Artura, drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring Tiger of the Chinese Zodiac. This unique project not only pays homage to the shared values of courage and bravery between the Tiger and the McLaren brand but also commemorates McLaren's historic 1974 F1 Championship victory, aligning with the Year of the Tiger.Just like the tiger in the jungle, McLaren fearlessly paves its way through motorsports, representing innovation, performance, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

ーExcerpt from the Invitationー

As my concept,

I designed the concept of the land where the tiger lives, as depicted by Jaee Tee.

Original wrapping design

Starting with McLaren KL, which prepared and facilitated the event

The exhibition was a great success thanks to many Malaysian companies and mediators, including McLaren KL Heritouch Gallery and Nscape, who prepared and facilitated the exhibition.

"ROARING INTO THE FUTURE," design & Exhibited Works list

The exhibited works are compatible with the AR application "ARTN".

Please enjoy enlarging and scanning each image.



Online Media with Exhibit Events

The Star Malaysia newspaper


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