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Production List

We design clothing, accessories, and other props.

to space design such as set design and store design.


To continue and keep continuing vol.01
- A dream in the blink of an eye - × SHIBUYA ver

December 31, 2021 18:50~19:00

This work was broadcast simultaneously on six LED screens at Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

With the concept of "To continue, to continue, to continue,"

A group of professionals from different fields

It is a work that aims to multiply "sight, hearing, sound, and space".

I am in charge of planning and development, directing, scriptwriting, art design, costumes, casting, video editing, and all supervision.

← Produce work

Film aired at CES2020 in Las Vegas.

The costume incorporates a flexible LED panel.

From planning and development to improvement is done by the team.

As a video work,

I am in charge of planning, writing, directing, costume design, and set design.

Sometimes we also plan and manufactureequipment for stage productions.

We also design them and make them available for use on stage.

Of course, it can be used on its own, but it can also be coordinated with costumes and art.

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